Lion DiskMaker 1.7 (final) is available

Lion DiskMaker 1.7 is finally available ! This version corrects squashes a few bugs and brings some dramatic improvements compared to version 1.6.3, namely :

  • 4 GB USB thumb drive support for OS X Lion 10.7.3 (not tested with 10.7.4 yet). I had to cheat someway though : this is why the  AdditionalSpeechVoices.pkg is NOT copied with on the thumb drive. However, you will be proposed to have this package copied on your Desktop after creating the drive.
  • Now you can use a volume without formatting the whole  disk. So you can now a single partition on a big disk and Lion DiskMaker  will not format the whole disk. You should use a dedicated thumb drive though…
  • A small bonus if you use a volume bigger than 4 GB : the disk will be visible in the Startup disk System Preference… if your disk was partitioned using GUID partition scheme.
  • More localizations : Lion DiskMaker is now translated in Italian (thanks Nicola Castaman), German (thanks Johannes Huber) and simplified Chinese ((thanks Tommy Yang) !
  • No more timeouts if a dialog is left open and idle, woohoo !

You can download it here.

Remember that you can donate if you wish :)

Now let’s talk about the future : this version will probably the last one… until the next major version, which should come for Mountain Lion’s launch (late summer). There will be a few cool features, but also a quite less cool feature : 4 GB volumes and disks will not be supported anymore. The 4 GB limitation is becoming quite problematic, and the price of 8 GB thumb drive is very, very low now. You can still try to make me change my mind in comments though :)