Lion DiskMaker… now in English !

Due to popular demand, I created an English version of Lion DiskMaker. The new 1.3 version is available here on the new English Lion DiskMaker page here.

People of the world, rejoice ! And maybe it will push me to blog in English too, in the future…

Et pour les francophones : la V1.3 corrige également quelques bugs, elle sera dispo en fin de journée. Ouf !

4 commentaires sur “Lion DiskMaker… now in English !”

  1. I have a problem creating a DVD:
    Everytime I click « Burn » I get an error message saying « An error occured: 1. Please specify only one device to use. »
    How can I fix this?

  2. Hey, nice AppleScript work. Your blog looks interesting; having to use Chrome’s translate feature at the moment. Could I put in a request that you for English commenting in your AppleScript. This would be really useful for AppleScript noobies like myself. Thanks.

  3. I created a DVD using LION DISKMAKER.
    How can I make sure all files that are required are there?

    Finally how do I use the DVD in case of OS X failure?

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