Lion DiskMaker and Mac OS X 10.7.3 status

Mac OS X 10.7.3 has been available for a few weeks, and it created an annoying problem : the new release you can download from the Mac App Store is a full 10.7.3 installer (good)… which weighs 4,07 GB (not good). This means that you can’t use anymore a 4 GB USB thumb drive to create your OS X Lion install disk ! Though I could decide to just remove support for 4 GB disks, I prefer you keep your money… to support Lion DiskMaker :-D So I am currently working on a solution allowing to use the 10.7.3 installer by removing some not very essential component when you use a small drive (which one ? Hint hint…). I hope to release this version next week. It might also feature a few new features.

Thanks for your patience and your support !