Lion DiskMaker and Mac OS X 10.7.3 status

Mac OS X 10.7.3 has been available for a few weeks, and it created an annoying problem : the new release you can download from the Mac App Store is a full 10.7.3 installer (good)… which weighs 4,07 GB (not good). This means that you can’t use anymore a 4 GB USB thumb drive to create your OS X Lion install disk ! Though I could decide to just remove support for 4 GB disks, I prefer you keep your money… to support Lion DiskMaker :-D So I am currently working on a solution allowing to use the 10.7.3 installer by removing some not very essential component when you use a small drive (which one ? Hint hint…). I hope to release this version next week. It might also feature a few new features.

Thanks for your patience and your support !

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  1. You can easily get rid of the included printer drivers. If they aren’t there when installing OS X Lion, the first time you run Software Update it will download and install them for you.

  2. A freeware solution is to use Carbon Copy Cloner (v 3.4.4).

    If you have downloaded Lion 10.7.3 via AppStore, you can choose in Source Disk a Lion Disk Maker option. So, you unselect some unwanted packages in the Packages Directory viewed by CarbonCopyCleaner. (I remove foreign languages like Japenase, Korean, etc,etc). And the run the clone on your SDCARD / USB 4 Go.
    I choose to delete everything on my destination disk.

    All work fine with a USB anD SDCARD of 4 Go

    Both are bootable.

    Best Regards …

  3. Bonjour,

    Pensez vous que Mountain Lion peut être supporté par votre utilitaire ?


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