Lion Diskmaker 2rc1 is available !

Finally, the long awaited update to Lion DiskMaker is available now, bringing a slew of new features !ML256

  • Compatible with Mountain Lion ! Yeah baby !
  • And still compatible with Lion ! 
  • Now only relying on Spotlight to find the OS X Installer file. It will of course find it if it is in /Applications.
  • You can use the Install OS X application OR the InstallESD.dmg file, if you prefer to keep only this one.
  • Progress bars ! Yeah, now the copying process displays progress and the name of currently copied file. AWESOMENESS. I use AsOBjcC-Runner for that (
  • The process to select the disk to erase is a lot less clunkier. Now all the disks are displayed in a neat list.
  • Before erasing the disk, the dialog eventually displays the volumes that might be erased as well, thus preventing to erase a full disk mistakenly. 
  • If you choose an 8 GB disk, the full disk is erase in GPT format, making it easier to boot on it.
  • Now proposes a list of DVD burners (internal, external, USB, Firewire). Should make some people happy.
  • Better burning process. Or I hope. Not much tested though. You’d rather use a USB thumb key, REALLY. Please note that only dual Layer 8,7 GB DVD are supported with Mountain Lion.
  • New Icon ! But not great, I hope to have another one soon.
  • New alert sound when Lion DiskMaker has finished… Woohoo ! ;-)
  • New option to open Startup Disk Preference when the disk is ready. 
  • The name of the disk now displays the OS sub-version (i.e. 10.7.4). (Thanks Benoit Widemann ;-) 

 However, to make Lion DiskMaker work properly, I had to remove support for 4 GB. It means you’ll have to get an 8 GB USB drive. However these disks are incredibly cheap now, so please get one and enjoy this new version of Lion DiskMaker.

Also, the app is not yet signed to be used with Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion, but I hope to add this feature as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you wish to install Lion DiskMaker in Mountain Lion, you’ll have to shutdown GateKeeper before launching Lion DiskMaker. This is explained in the FAQ.

You can get Lion DiskMaker 2rc1  here. Please read the FAQ, and don’t forget to send your feedback and bug reports !


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