Lion DiskMaker 2 rc3 now available (with 10.6.8 love)

Lion DiskMaker 2 rc3 is available. It corrects many outstanding bugs, and is hopefully working again properly with Mac OS X 10.6.8. Also, for first time, it brings Japanese and Finnish localizations, wouhou !

Grab it now !

Changelog : 

  • Workaround for many bugs when used with Mac OS X 10.6.X. Now everything should work properly. No more /tmp/ errors !
  • Sometimes the warning dialog displayed a wrong list of disks that may be erased. Though not harmful, could be scary :-) Fixed.
  • Sometimes an error message was displayed, saying that ASOBjc Runner could not be found. Fixed.
  • Sometimes the list of disks could be empty. Blame System Events… Fixed.
  • Japanese localization, thanks to François Cheng !
  • Finnish localization, thanks to Teemu Masalin !