Lion DiskMaker 2.0.1 is available

This small update brings the following enhancements :

  • Workaround for « No Matching processes belonging to you were fond »  error.
  • Retina icon.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Paulo Neto. 

You can grab it here, as usual.

So far, there are some outstanding bugs, especially with disk burning which is VERY annoying to manage, and some issues with Spotlight. These will be corrected soon.

There is also some « lag » regarding translations, leading to some incomplete translations. This will be fixed with the next version.

1 commentaire sur “Lion DiskMaker 2.0.1 is available”

  1. Thank You!! for making this wonderful app. It has saved me a lot of grief building the USB install sticks. Thank You!!

    I wanted to point out when creating an ML install disk the custom ML icon is not created on the disk like the Lion install. Is there some thing I can do to fix it, or will you put this item in the next release?

    French version to follow:

    Merci! pour la fabrication de cette application merveilleuse. Il m’a sauvé beaucoup de chagrin la construction des bâtons d’installation USB. Merci!

    Je voulais faire remarquer lors de la création d’un disque d’installation ML l’icône personnalisée ML n’est pas créé sur le disque, comme l’installation du Lion. Y at-il quelque chose que je peux faire pour le réparer, ou allez-vous mettre ce point dans la prochaine version?

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